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Brahmani River Pellets Limited: Manufacturer of World Class Iron Ore Pellets

BRPL, A Brief

  • Iron ore pelletisation

    BRPL is in operation in producing iron ore pellets from iron ore concentrates after beneficiating low grade iron ore fines. The low grade fines with Fe less than 56-57% are beneficiated at beneficiation plant through grinding, gravity & magnetic separation process to produce high grade iron ore concentrates with 63-64% Fe. This high grade iron ore concentrates in form of slurry is transported to pellet plant through underground slurry pipeline. After receiving this slurry at pellet plant, the slurry is filtered and filtered cake is being used to produce iron ore pellets through indurating furnace of travelling grate technology.

                                 ---- Six Month Report ----

Location Map

    Beneficiation plant
    Pellet plant